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How to Use Shizens Dramatic Eye Collection & Eyeliner

There are countless ways to apply an eye shadow and eye liner, depending on how you wish your eye make-up to be. With Shizens’ Dramatic Eye Collection and Dramatic Eyeliner, it minimises the need to use/carry additional make-up brushes with you. These products are equipped with an applicator and it is compact and convenient to use. Below are […]

Stand Firm Stay Firm with Time Resistance Essence

Shizens has selected 30 women to try out the new Time Resistance Essence and the feedback was truly positive! 100% of them agreed that their skin showed signs of firming after 14 days of trial; 98% percent felt that their skin was more supple and moisturized while 90% of them noticed that their complexion was brighter. So, we […]