About Shizens

Shizens is a skincare and cosmetic brand, propelling its expansion in Malaysia as well as the regional market. Inspired and infused by bountiful natural ingredients, Shizens offers a wide range of products. From make-up to skincare, all products are created to revive and nourish a person’s natural beauty.


Shizens’ products are a combination of eastern values, emphasising on the benefits of botanical extracts; and the advancement of western technology, enriching the products with natural ingredients selected from different parts of the world.


Shizens offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and skincare products. Some of the brand’s best-sellers are Lip Tattoo, Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation, Eye Charm and Liposome Fair Refining Essence. Shizens also have other products such as Time Resistance Essence, Shui and many more to help individuals exude personal glamour with a natural look.


As a growing cosmetics and skincare company in Malaysia, Shizens will keep improving by bringing more excelling and beneficial products to everyone.

Brand Story

Common skin problems such as dehydrated skin, heavy dark circle, acne skin and so forth are hidden with heavy make-up in order to look gorgeous and attractive. However, it is totally different when make-up were removed. Research found that people wear thick make-up because they have no confidence to reveal their naked face to others. In other words, they use make-up to camouflage their weaknesses.


Shizens believes everyone has a unique natural beauty that should not be concealed but to be revealed. Shizens is here to enhance the confidence level of everyone in revealing their uniqueness.


Shizens offer skincare and cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients that are suitable for various skin type to resolve one skin problems and to accentuate their natural beauties.