Stand Firm Stay Firm with Time Resistance Essence

Shizens has selected 30 women to try out the new Time Resistance Essence and the feedback was truly positive!

100% of them agreed that their skin showed signs of firming after 14 days of trial;
98% percent felt that their skin was more supple and moisturized while
90% of them noticed that their complexion was brighter.

So, we would like to share you some tips on how to use our Time Resistance Essence for a maximum firming effect in 14 days:

Step 1:

Pour SHUI on palm and gently pat it over your face. SHUI is essential to improve the absorption of essences applied later.

Step 2:

Apply a few drops of Time Resistance Essence on your forehead, cheek and jawline area. Gently massage your face until the essence has absorbed entirely into your skin.

Step 3:

Then, put on the Replenish Nutrient Expert to repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier so that all nutrients are hold together for a firmer and radiant skin!

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