The Perfect Eyebrow Guide with Shizens Double Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Getting the perfect eye brow shape not only compliments your look but it can change your facial features. air max 2017 wit Here are some simple steps on how to ensure you have the right eye brow drawn with Shizens Double Auto Eyebrow:

Step A: Determine the front of eyebrow Hold the applicator against the side of your nose vertically, straight up to where it meets the brow. nike air max pas cher This is the spot where your eyebrow should start. air max 90 pas cher As a guide, make a small mark with the Eye Charm Brow Enhancer or Double Auto Eyebrow.

Step B: Creating the eyebrow’s arch Turn the applicator at an angle, holding it against the nostril, so that it crosses over the centre of your eyes. baskets Asics Pre Galaxy Notice where the applicator now intersects the eyebrow, this is where the peak of your eyebrow should start.

Step C: Specify the eyebrow’s end Keep moving the applicator at an angle against your nostril until it meets the edge of the outer eyebrow your eyebrow ending point.

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