Shizens Guide to Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes comes in different sizes and angles. They were designed in a way to carefully define your looks with the right amount of stroke, so that everything blends in perfectly. Save this easy and basic guide of Shizens Premium Brush Set for your make-up reference!

1) Shadow Brush

The shadow brush is suitable to apply your eye’s base colour. The large, short and flat fibers provide excellent coverage. The soft bristles avoids “dragging” and allows a smooth application on the eyelid.

2) Contour Brush

The main function of this brush is to create a crease on your eyes with a darker shade of eye shadow. The soft and precise brush tip is ideal for detail work, which includes blending in the creases corners and smudging shadow into lash line for smokey eye effect.

3) Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is very useful when you are using a cream-based concealer to hide your flaws. The compact brush tip allows us to cover targeted spots easily. Due to it’s small brush tip, the concealer brush can also be used to line your lower lash line!

4) Eye Blending Brush

If you are looking to soften the edges of the darker eye shadow on your eye lids, use this oval-shaped brush as it allows easy shading and blending of colours.

5) Blusher Brush

The fan-out brush is perfect for applying light and gentle strokes on to the cheeks hollows or cheek apples, creating a sweet and lovely finishing touch to your make-up!

6) Lipstick Brush

The lipstick brush accurately defines the shape of your lips – may it be creating soft curves or sharp/fine lines. It is also a good practice to use a lipstick brush as it prevents residue or oil from staining your lipsticks, allowing them to last longer and more hygiene.

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